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All-Brii Sideric Miks

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All-Brii Sideric Miks
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Date of perish
Dog´s sex
Color of dog´s hair
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Pedigree number
CMKU HW/3158/03/06
Tattoo number
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Information about dog owner

Dog owner is not member of Slovak hovawart club.
Jch.,CH., 4CAJC,11CAC,7CACIB,6BOB,special winner
FPr 1, RH-E, ZZO, ZOP, ZPU 1, ZVV 1, ZZZ

Medical information

HD examination
Examination of ED

Breeding test

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Youth assessment

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No siblings in database.


No descendents in database.


Count of ancestors to 4. generation in database: 10
1. Generation
Hasko Gasko PrimMale / Blond
CMKU/HW/1446/97/01, HD - A/A
Adaly Biely démonFemale / Black
CMKU/HW/2125-99/00/02, HD - C (1/2)
2. Generation
Cartago vom FleischereckMale / Blond
VDH 0503, HD - A
Arabela z Hrádku Kunratic CSFemale / Blond
ČKSP/611/93/96, HD - A/A
Vulcan Biely démonMale / Blond
SHP00855/99, HD - A/A
Aline v. ElbflorenzFemale / Black
VDH 19185-93, HD - A/A
3. Generation
Asko vom KastanienhofMale / Blond
DDR 88-148, HD - A/A
Una vom ElbflorenzFemale / Black
DDR 91-0113, HD - A/A
Asko TyrusMale / Blond
CSHPK 5/86/89, HD - A/A
Bessy ze Včelí zahradyFemale / Black and gold
ČsHPK 81/88/93
4. Generation