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Darcius Devil Cicesbeo

Základné údaje o psovi

Dog name
Darcius Devil Cicesbeo
Breeding station
Dog mother
Dog father
Date of born
Date of perish
Dog´s sex
Color of dog´s hair
Black and gold
Is dog placed in breeding?
Pedigree number
SPKP 1745
Tattoo number
Chip number

Information about dog owner

Dog owner is member of Slovak hovawart club.
Dog owner do not authorized publishing personal data.
JCh. SR, 3x CAJC, CAC, 7x V1, 3x BOJ, VD

Medical information

HD examination
Examination of ED

Breeding test

No data input.

Youth assessment

Youth assessment date
Place of taking Youth assessment
Height of dog - Youth assessment
Youth assessment code
Notes from Youth assessment


Count of siblings in database: 1
Dog name
Dog´s sex
Color of dog´s hair
HD examination / Examination of ED
Is dog placed in breeding?
A / 0


No descendents in database.


Count of ancestors to 4. generation in database: 30
1. Generation
Amarok Saint BarbaronsMale / Black and gold
SPKP 1278, HD - A/A
Carmen Cassie CicesbeoFemale / Blond
SPKP 1511, HD - A/A
2. Generation
Cosmo vom SchondratalMale / Black and gold
VDH/HO 31654-07
Chile Kráľovská strážFemale / Black and gold
SPKP 933, HD - A/A
Aik Carpathia heartMale / Blond
SPKP 1146, HD - A/A
Ashley CicesbeoFemale / Black and gold
SPKP 1019, HD - A/A
3. Generation
Bolek vom KahltalMale / Black and gold
VDH 28798-03, HD - A1
Zina vom SchondratalFemale / Black and gold
VDH 29056-03, HD - A1
Keston Plavý vítrMale / Black
CMKU/HW/3028/02/05, HD - A/A
Cortina Kráľovská StrážFemale / Black and gold
SPKP 520, HD - A/A
Ecco vom TyrolsbergMale / Blond
VDH-HO 30513-05, HD - A1
Aimie SagbariamFemale / Black and gold
SPKP 942, HD - A/A
Darcius Gasko PrimMale / Black and gold
CMKU 5155/08
Ayrin TakavorakanFemale / Black and gold
SPKP 638, HD - A/A
4. Generation
Cherok von der MangfallMale / Black and gold
VDH 25543-99, HD - A1
Alenka von der LichtwieseFemale / Black
VDH 26309-00, HD - A1
Geron aus VinkonaMale / Black
VDH 26905-00, HD - A2
Banja vom FürstenwallFemale / Black and gold
VDH 25241-98, HD - A1
Condor vom InselparadiesMale / Black and gold
VDH HO 21086-94, HD - A/A
Hetty Plavý vítrFemale / Blond
CMKU 1501/9, HD - A
Artur z Duhového kopceMale / Black and gold
CMKU/HW/2785/01/04, HD - A/A
Afrika Gora MonteFemale / Black
Dag vom VölkerschlachtdenkmalMale / Blond
VDH 23821-97, HD - A1
Hera vom PleikershofFemale / Blond
VDH 23875-97, HD - A1
Brennus Nova MerigoMale / Blond
CMKU HW/4080/05, HD - A/A
Ambra Attractive NuisanceFemale / Black
HW 3960/05, HD - A/A
Albi KatveriMale / Blond
CMKU/ HW/3575/04/07, HD - A/A
Prima Gasko PrimFemale / Black and gold
CMKU/HW/2687/01/05, HD - A/A
Ozi Las KsiezniczekMale / Black and gold
PKR. II-73411, HD - A/A
Corina zo ŠarfieFemale / Black and gold
SPKP 449, HD - A/A