Databáza chovu

Mefisto Aldeon

Základné údaje o psovi

Dog name
Mefisto Aldeon
Dog mother
Dog father
Date of born
Date of perish
Dog´s sex
Color of dog´s hair
Black and gold
Is dog placed in breeding?
Pedigree number
SPKP 1503
Tattoo number
Chip number
9410 00021165 128

Information about dog owner

Dog owner is member of Slovak hovawart club.
Dog owner do not authorized publishing personal data.
Junior Šampión SR BOJ, BOS, CAJC, CAC

Medical information

HD examination
Examination of ED
More medical examinations
Vyšetrenie očného pozadia - negatív, Vyšetrenie DM - N/N

Breeding test

Breeding test date
Place of Breeding test
Stará Myjava
Height - Breeding test
Code of Breeding test
3AF10M10R / BAA
Breeding class
Breeding test - Referee of temperament
Breeding test - Referee exterier
Breeding test - restrictions
Breeding test - Notes

Youth assessment

No data input.


No siblings in database.


No descendents in database.


Count of ancestors to 4. generation in database: 30
1. Generation
Endriew Westbohemia starMale / Black and gold
CMKU/HW/7066/12, HD - A/A
Charlotte AldeonFemale / Black and gold
SPKP 1271, HD - A/A
2. Generation
Adam Haf RafMale / Black and gold
CMKU /HW/4615/06/10, HD - A/A
Caithlenn Westbohemia starFemale / Blond
CMKU/HW 4885/07, HD - A/A
Armín Hali GaliMale / Blond
CMKU HW/5117/08
Djamila AldeonFemale / Black and gold
SPKP 962, HD - A/A
3. Generation
Bruce Country BohemiaMale / Blond
CMKU /HW/1967/99, HD - A/A
Borůvka Bukový HájFemale / Black and gold
CMKU /HW/3105/03, HD - A/A
Daniels Jack SédedabMale / Black and gold
CMKU 3218/03, HD - A1
Brenta Slovisky vrchFemale / Blond
CMKU 2497
Jekyll Royal safeMale / Blond
SPKP 549, HD - A/A
Halka Barte PrimFemale / Black and gold
CMKU 3412/04/08
Ivanhoe vom Garten der FreiheitMale / Black and gold
ÖHZB 1883
Bleys FolcrumFemale / Black and gold
SPKP 516/08, HD - A
4. Generation
Cadde Zelené KarpatyMale / Black and gold
SHPK 0226, HD - A/A
Erka GaskoFemale / Blond
CMKU/HW/ 1033/95, HD - A1
Benji z Kralovske StezkyMale / Black and gold
CMKU 2218/00
Checkie NabukoFemale / Blond
CMKU 1798/99, HD - B
Dundee vom Buvagt-husMale /
VDH-HO HZD 97/1285
Ballantinka ŠédedabFemale / Black
CMKU/HW 2043/99/03, HD - A/A
Elton Mumini udoliMale / Blond
ČKS/HW/707/94/9, HD - A/A
Ambra Z Brdske samotyFemale / Black and gold
CMKU/HW/177/98/00, HD - A/A
Artur z Duhového kopceMale / Black and gold
CMKU/HW/2785/01/04, HD - A/A
Ayrin z PomezíFemale / Black
CMKU/HW/2871/02/05, HD - A/A
Aran z Královské StezkyMale / Black and gold
CMKU /HW/2006/99/03
Feiby Barte PrimFemale / Blond
CMKU/HW/2143/00/03, HD - A/A
Bayar vom FürstenwallMale / Black and gold
VDH 25238-98, HD - A/A
Bisbee vom Garten der FreiheitFemale / Black and gold
ÖHZB 1205, HD - A2
Ozi Las KsiezniczekMale / Black and gold
PKR. II-73411, HD - A/A
Dara z KroviaFemale / Black and gold
SPKP 249/04, HD - A