Databáza chovu

Pilisi Hajnal Alfa

Základné údaje o psovi

Dog name
Pilisi Hajnal Alfa
Dog mother
Dog father
Date of born
Date of perish
Dog´s sex
Color of dog´s hair
Black and gold
Is dog placed in breeding?
Pedigree number
MET-HOV 2441/16
Tattoo number
Chip number
990000 00057 63000

Information about dog owner

Dog owner is not member of Slovak hovawart club.

Medical information

HD examination
Examination of ED
More medical examinations
Vyšetrenie DM - N/N, Vyšetrenie Locus D - D/D, Vyšetrenie očného pozadia - negatív

Breeding test

No data input.

Youth assessment

No data input.


No siblings in database.


Count of descendents in database: 1
Dog name
Dog´s sex
Color of dog´s hair
HD examination / Examination of ED
Is dog placed in breeding?
Ebritte Litter -E / 22.02.2021 - Mother: Carla Asiguarda
Black and gold
A/A / 0/0


Count of ancestors to 4. generation in database: 18
1. Generation
Pusztai-Pandur HisTriaFemale / Black and gold
2. Generation
Bolek vom KahltalMale / Black and gold
VDH 28798-03, HD - A1
Kelcy vom GablitztalFemale / Blond
Dex vom SchondratalMale / Blond
Pusztai-Pandur TeklaFemale / Black and gold
Hov. 1544/03, HD - A/A
3. Generation
Cherok von der MangfallMale / Black and gold
VDH 25543-99, HD - A1
Alenka von der LichtwieseFemale / Black
VDH 26309-00, HD - A1
Aischa vom SchondratalFemale / Black and gold
Cherom vom BrahmetalMale / Black and gold
VDH HO 25642-99, HD - A1
Anonymus Gerti BonniFemale / Blond
Met.Hov 757/97, HD - A1
4. Generation
Ivo vom NordsturmMale / Black and gold
VDH-HO 19763-93, HD - A1
Edda vom Holter BergFemale / Black and gold
VDH 20961-94, HD - A1
Akiro vom KahltalMale / Blond
VDH 20323-94, HD - A1