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Elektra z Úpatí Ondřejníku

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Elektra z Úpatí Ondřejníku
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Dog´s sex
Color of dog´s hair
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Pedigree number
SPKP 943
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Information about dog owner

Dog owner is member of Slovak hovawart club.
Dog owner do not authorized publishing personal data.
V1, V3, V4, CAJC, 3x r.CAC

Medical information

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Breeding test

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6AJ3M3M6N1T2 / AAA
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Youth assessment

No data input.


No siblings in database.


Count of descendents in database: 1
Dog name
Dog´s sex
Color of dog´s hair
HD examination / Examination of ED
Is dog placed in breeding?
Litter -A / 30.07.2014 - Father: Caruso Aldeon
A/A / 0/0


Count of ancestors to 4. generation in database: 22
1. Generation
Alex ze Stříbrných kaskádMale / Black and gold
CMKU/HW/4388/06/09, HD - A/A
Barbie Bára z Úpatí OndřejníkuFemale / Blond
CMKU/HW/4435/06, HD - A/A
2. Generation
Akym z Malého RohozceMale / Blond
CMKU/HW/2529/01/05, HD - A/A
Brenda Bohemia ChocFemale / Black and gold
CMKU/HW/2795/01/06, HD - A/A
Barley Moravia HovacorMale / Blond
CMKU/HW/2499/01/04, HD - A/A
Arty ze Starého dvoraFemale / Black and gold
CMKU/HW/2639/01/04, HD - A/A
3. Generation
Aron z Putimských lesůMale / Black and gold
CMKU 1089/96/99, HD - A/A
Bára od Červené skályFemale / Black and gold
CMKU/HW/1338/97/01, HD - A/A
All Tiger Black MondeoMale / Black and gold
ČKSP 813/94/99, HD - A/A
Frona z Páralovy zahradyFemale / Blond
CMKU/HW/1267/96/99, HD - A/A
Wenty Biely démonMale / Black and gold
SKSP 42-2001, HD - A/A
Deizy od Říčky BobravyFemale / Blond
CMKU/HW/915/95/99, HD - A/A
Argo vom BalmfluhköpfliblickMale / Black and gold
SHSB 565478, HD - A1
Alma Rúžové atriumFemale / Blond
ČMKU 1620, HD - A1
4. Generation
Cid TanioMale / Black and gold
ČsHPK 370/92/95, HD - A/A
Nuta od Jinolických rybnikůFemale / Blond
ČKSP/738/94/95, HD - A/A
Dag Plavý vítrMale / Blond
ČSK/498/95, HD - A/A
Cindy od Říčky BobravyFemale / Black and gold
ČKSP/703/94/96, HD - A/A
Brit z Pesikova KrajeMale / Black and gold
CMKU/HW ČsHPK 229/90/93, HD - A/A
Aska Štorchův krajFemale / Blond
ČsHPK/409/92/94, HD - C (0/2)
Veterné údolieMale / Blond
SHPK 00245-93, HD - A/A
Ambra GaskoFemale / Blond
ČsHPK 439/92/94, HD - A/A